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Welches sind deine drei Lieblingsgipfel?

1. Piz Palü , for the shape of the nord side and because from the summit i see my home 😊
2. Obergabelhorn, really sharp 4000 peak in Valais
3. Eiger, for the good time spent climbing the north face

Welches sind deine top drei Routen / Touren / Abfahrten?

1. Gran Capucin, Le voyages selon gulliver, for the beauty of the climbing
2. Piz Badile, via degli inglesi, for the direct line to the summit
3. Piz Palù, Bumiller pfeiler, my first difficult alpine mixed climbing route (I was 15 years old)

Sommer oder Winter? Was magst du mehr? Warum?

My favorite season is summer, because I like the long days with light from 4 am to 9 pm, I like also rock climbing in T-shirt... But probably I prefer also more the spring, when you can go skiing in the morning and climb in the afternoon 😉

Was hast du als Snack immer mit dabei in deinem Rucksack?

As snack in my backpack I carry a bresaola and cheese sandwich prepared by my wife the evening before... when is possible! And as a drink always Coca-Cola.

Weshalb wolltest du Bergführer werden?

I decided to became mountain guide because when I was a little boy I saw the guides as the heroes of the mountains. And now i love my job!

Was ist das Schönste an deinem Beruf als Bergführer?

The best thing of my mountain guide job is to gift emotions to my guests, spend my life outside in the mountains, see the sun rising early almost every morning... that's priceless!


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